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Q. I have taken your class and I lost my Completion Certificate. Where can I get another one?

  • A. You can obtain a duplicate certificate by calling our main office @ (210) 651-1484. We will process a duplicate certificate and mail it to you immediately. (There is a $10 fee for all duplicates)


Q. I have to get a certified-copy of my Driving Record. How do I get it?


Q. I've waited for the last minute to take my Defensive Driving Class. What can I do?

  • A. Most courts will grant you 90 days to take the class ,but, if you need an extension, try contacting the court in person and see if they will extend your due-date. Many courts will not grant an extension, but, alot of them do. If you do not get an extension, ask our instructors about the Rush and Overnight service. ( for an additional fee).


Rush Service is $10 -- you get your certificate in 4 business days.
(Not including Weekends or Holidays)

Overnight Service is $30 - - you get the certificate the next business day.
(not including Weekends or Holidays)

Everyone, at one time or another will receive some type of moving violation and statistically speaking will be involved in an automobile accident at least once in there lifetime. We at Funnybone Schools believe that Defensive Driving Classes can be a great refresher course. New laws are adopted every year and old laws are amended, so keeping up with this new information is our business.We would like to pass that information on to you. Taking Defensive Driving for a speeding ticket is very popular, but, taking it to lower you car insurance premium is becoming even more popular today as insurance premiums increase. You receive a 10% discount on your car insurance for the next 3 years. That's alot of savings , just for taking a $25 class. So, consider taking a class every three years and keep those insurance costs down.

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